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About Company

The new period of development of wine-producing industry of Uzbekistan started since 2006. In accordance with the Resolution of the President of the Republic Uzbekistan No.PP-255 dated 11.01.2006 «On Organizational Measures for Reformation of Fruit and Vegetable Growing and Viticulture», the wine-producing sector was separated into an independent specialized industry which nowadays is represented by SC «Uzsharobsanoat».

SC «Uzsharobsanoat» is a legal entity and was established in form of an open joint-stock company.

The chartered fund of the Company «Uzsharobsanoat» was created by way of transfer of state holdings of shares and enterprises, state property and financial funds thereto.

The Stock Company implements management of enterprises included therein in accordance with holdings of shares of these enterprises belonging to the holding.

Under the decision of the Government in 1994, the foundation for establishment of alcohol-producing industry was laid down in the republic in order to ensure provision of wine-producing enterprises with alcohol. The structure of SC «Uzsharobsanoat» includes Joint-Stock Company 

  • Implemented of uniform of technical and of technological policy of wine-producing industry;
  • Management and coordination of activity of enterprises producing food alcohol, liqueur-and-vodka and wine products;
  • Implemented of marketing studies of foreign and domestic markets, provision of assistance to enterprises in development of new kinds of products, promotion thereof to foreign markets;
  • Wide attraction of foreign investments in industry, assistance in of establishment of joint enterprises with foreign investments.

Realization of the named directions will enable to drastically change the industry and to head to the economic path of development well as will serve as a connecting link between various countries in of establishment of mutually beneficial trade and economic of relations.

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