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On the one side, efforts of public relations specialists nowadays exert influence on life activity of people. Their arsenal includes great quantity of various technologies among which organization of special events has an important meaning.

On the other side, at the time of television, global telecommunications, Internet, public opinion is formed, to significant degree, under influence of what people read in central, local, and special press. Press serves for the organization, in the first place, as a channel for wide informing of the general public of the organization itself, and, secondly, as source of information necessary for decision making. This preconditions necessity of existence of press service in the structure of any organization. Therefore, in order to expertly influence public opinion using mass media means information, it is necessary to clearly know the functions and tasks of press-service, and directions of its activity. This substantiates actuality of the topic under review.

Press-services exist in one or another kind in all large organization and companies. All state authorities have own press-services or press centers. Public relations departments, no matter how they are named (press-service, press-bureau, press center, press-secretary), carry out a number of tasks which include following:

Establishmentе and realization of strategy of information policy of a company.

Formation of public opinion using mass media in accordance with strategy of information policy of a company.

Interaction with domestic and foreign mass media means in order to completely and objectively cover activity of a company.

Implementation of interaction and development of contacts with press-services of organs of state executive power and organs of local authorities, partner companies, firms which operate on the same market with the company.

Analysis of tendencies and conditions of development of specialized mass media.

Study of materials of mass media means in order to determine their positions and preparation of reviews of these materials, analytics and information for the management of the company.

Activity of press-service is an important investment in establishing and maintaining good relations with mass media means.

Backgrounder - general information about organization (precise name, profile of activity, Internet-address, brief history, structure, list of officials, facade photographs and other)

Exhibition – demonstration of achievements in field of economy, science, machinery, culture, art and other areas of public life.

Open Day – visit of an organization by various groups of the general public: public at large, relatives of employees, potential consumers, and important persons accompanied by mass media.

Internet-Presentation – presentation of information on Internet web-site of an organization.

Conference – an organized gathering of people for familiarization, discussion and distribution of significant scientific, political, business and cultural information presented by competent experts.

Round Table – one form of generation and multilateral discussion of ideas significant for various groups of the general public. As a rule, absence of clearly defined positions; existence of just participants of discussion; equality of positions of all participants. It is considered that original solutions are seldom generated during round tables.

Media-Kit – an information package for journalists containing backgrounder, program of special event, list of participants with their brief description, text of a press-release, summaries of most important and interesting reports.

Public Relations (PR) - independent function of management on establishing and maintain communication between an organization and its general public.

Publicity – fame and popularity created by mass media means.

Visits - familiarization of guests with history and culture of the territory on which an organization is located, during conduct of official meetings.

Presentation – presentation of an organization, project, product, and auditorium person.

Reception – as a rule, it is a joint time spending of representative of a host organization and guests accompanied by refreshments which was organized and prepared by hosts in advance.

Mass Media (Media) – mass media means (newspapers, magazines, television, and radio).

Special Events – activities held by an organization in order to attract attention of the general public to the organization itself, its activity and products.


on Information Service of UE "Vinsanoatinfoservis" at HC "Uzvinsanoat-holding"

I. General Provisions

1. Information on Service of Holding Company «Uzvinsanoat-holding» is a structural sub-division of the central office of the company.

2. In its activity, the Service shall be governed with the Constitution, Laws of the Republic Uzbekistan, resolutions and other acts of the Chambers of Oliy Majlis of the Republic Uzbekistan, decrees, resolutions and ordinances of the President of the Republic Uzbekistan, resolutions and ordinances of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic Uzbekistan, normative acts of Holding Company and with the present Regulation.

3. The Service of Holding Company shall carry out its activity in close interaction with territorial and structural sub-divisions of Holding Company and respective services of other ministries and agencies of the republic.

II. Main Tasks of Service

4. Main tasks of the Service shall be:

participation in formation and realization of information policy defined by the management of Holding Company;

ensuring publication of normative legal acts in area of activity of Holding Company in national mass media means;

coverage of topical aspects of activity of Holding Company, issues related to realization of single state policy in respective area in national and foreign mass media means;

creation of web-resources of Holding Company in Internet, ensuring their effective functioning;

analysis and informing of the management of the agency about the state of public opinion and relations with local, republican and foreign mass media means to Holding Company.

III. Functions of Service

5. Main functions of the Service shall be:

collection and processing of information necessary for effective achievement of task of the Service during interaction with other sub-divisions of Holding Company;

preparation and distribution of announcements (press-releases, bulletins, reviews and other) for mass media means;

preparation and publication, in national and foreign publications, of printed materials, issue of television and radio programs on issue related to activity of Holding Company, realization of state policy in respective sphere;

organization of press-conferences, briefings, interview and other meetings of the management and employees of Holding Company with representatives of mass media means;

implementation of analytical work to study public opinion and positions of national and foreign mass media means on issues related to activity of Holding Company. Preparation of reviews on topical publications for reporting to the management of the company;

creation of a systematized data bank of analytical, statistical and other materials on main directions of activity in Holding Company for implementation of information and reference work with mass media means;

implementation of interaction with national and foreign mass media means and journalistic for most complete and objective coverage of activity of Holding Company;

establishment and support of web-site of Holding Company in Internet on modern level.

6. Within its competence, the Service shall examine applications and requests of national and foreign information agencies and mass media means for provision of assistance in preparation of materials about activity of Holding Company.

IV. Rights of Service

7. To implement the tasks and functions, the Service shall be entitled:

to request information necessary for implementation of the tasks and functions of the Service from other sub-divisions of Holding Company and dependent organizations according to established procedures;

to participate in conferences and meetings and other activities of Holding Company;

to attract employees of other sub-divisions of the agency as well as qualified specialists, experts other organizations, including on contractual basis, for implementation of the tasks, by endorsement with the manager of Holding Company;

to interact with information services of other agencies according to established procedures;

by instruction of the management, to represent the holding company in state organs, activities of the republican and international importance on issues related to competence of the Service;

to issue printed publications, within own competence;

to submit proposals on improvement of information policy of Holding Company, draft normative documents on issues related to activity of the Service for examination of the management.

V. Organization of Activity of Service

8. Quantity of employees of the Service shall be determined by the manager of Holding Company depending on complexity and volume of tasks implemented by the Service, within the approved total quantity of employees.

9. Activity of the Service shall be organized on the basis of work plan approved by the manager of Holding Company.

10. The Service shall be headed by a manager appointed to and dismissed from the position by the manager of Holding Company. At the same time, the manager of the Service shall be a press-secretary of the manager of Holding Company.

The manager of Service shall:

coordinate activity of the Service and bear personal responsibility for implementation of tasks and functions of the Service;

organize, plan and control activity of the Service, implement interaction with other sub-divisions of Holding Company;

ensure selection and placement of personnel in the Service, allocate duties among employees;

create conditions for raising qualification and professional level of employees of the Service.

11. Employees shall be appointed to and dismissed from the position according to established procedures by submission of the manager of the Service.

12. Information, legal material and technical as well as transport provision of activity of the Service as well as social and domestic servicing of its employees shall be implemented according to procedures established for structural sub-divisions of Holding Company.

Press Center shall ensure interaction of Holding Company both with domestic and foreign mass media means. The tasks of Press Center include maintenance of relations with press, formation of objective public opinion about activity of Holding Company.

Preparation and organization of press-conferences, round tables and presentations:

- writing of press-release of activities;

- development of scenario of activities (for round tables);

- distribution of press-release based on mass media;

- audio recording;

- photographing;

- video recording;

- coffee break.


Tel.:+(99871) 244-06-37

Fax:+(99871) 244-07-79

Mob.+(99890) 328-24-29

Deputy Director, Head of Information Service of UE "Vinosanoatinfoservis" at HC "Uzvinsanoat-holding"

Makhbuba Makhmudovna Khalilova

Electronic address for requests to Press Center of Holding Company: pressa@vinsanoat.uz