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The Form of investment proposal 

JSC Samvinkombinat named after Hovrenko

(Developed on the basis of Generally Accepted International Standards)

Section I.

1.1. - General information on the enterprise

Full name - Joint Stock Company Samarkand Vinkombinat name after Hovrenko

The plant is located in the Zarafshan intermountain area on the surface of the piedmont plains of the northern slopes of the Karatube Mount.

Legal address of the company - No.58, Koshgari str., postal code 104100, Samarkand, Samarkand region, Republic of Uzbekistan

Form of ownership – a joint stock company

Parent organization - "Uzvinprom-holding" Holding Company

Total area - 6,5 hectares
- Built-up area - 1.84 ha
- Access way area - 4,29 hectares
- Landscaping area - 0.37 ha

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Form of Investment Proposal
For JSC «Shakhrizabz Vino-Aroq»

(Developed on the basis of Generally Accepted International Standards)

1.1. Resume - General Information about Enterprise

Full Name of Enterprise               JSC “Shakhrizabz Vino-Aroq”
Ownership Form                           Joint-Stock Company
Statutory Fund                               1320242000 (one billion three hundred twenty million two hundred forty two thousand)                                                             soums
Legal Address of Enterprise       170, Ipak Yuli Street, Kashkadarya Region
                                                           Republic of Uzbekistan, 731700

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