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Raw Material Base

The volume of production of fruit and vegetable products and grapes increases during the recent years in connection with development of the industry. Industrial enterprises of the republic actively participate in development of the industry along with farming enterprises.

Join Stock Company «Uzsharobsanoat» implements task-oriented work on establishment of own raw material base, effective usage of land and water resources, ensuring of food safety.

Whereas 2.9 thousand hectares was on the balance of the company in 2011, then own industrial vineyards constituted 4.4 thousand hectares in 2013.

The Resolution of the President of the Republic Uzbekistan dated March 13, 2013 «On Measures on Further Development of Viticulture in the Republic Uzbekistan for Period 2013 – 2015» provides for expansion of areas of vineyards by 22.5 thousand hectares. Under realization of this of the resolution, the company plans establishment of new vineyards on area of 3.3 thousand hectares during this period. As a result, own plantation will be increased to 7.3 thousand of hectares that will enable to process raw material of special valuable technical varieties of grapes. If 19.2 thousand tons was stocked from own plantations in 2012, then stocking of 30.1 thousand tons is expected in the current year, and respectively 43.0-63.5 thousand tons in 2014-2015 that will enable to improve assortment of output products and to raise export potential of the industry.

The company implements work on strengthening of material and technical base of agriculture of the industry, agrotechnology of cultivation of grapes is improved. Thus, trellises were installed on area of 630 hectares of vineyards during the recent years; 21 subsurface wells were launched into operation; 73 units of various specialized machinery were procured; drip irrigation systems were installed on 320 hectares.

In order to develop industrial viticulture and improve of variety composition demanded both domestic and external market, work on establishment of uterine plantations of fourteen new, perspective, special valuable technical varieties of grapes is implemented jointly with Corporation «Meva-sharbat» and scientific and research institute «Rasteniyevodstvo».

The company established mutually beneficial partnership relations with grape farming enterprises. Practical and training seminars annually are organized for them; advanced farming enterprises are stimulated.

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