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Standardization and Products Quality

The legal basis for raising efficiency of standardization both in form of regulation of processes and results of activity in all spheres of scientific and technical, production, trade and economic, cultural, social of relations in the country was established with the Law of the Republic Uzbekistan «On Standardization» enacted on February 28, 1994.

Business standards including international are systematically reviewed, amended and supplemented taking into consideration development of science and machinery as well as improvement of trade relations.

Company «Uzsharobsanoat» SC continuously carries out research and analysis of requirements of international standards, their harmonization with domestic normative documentation, carries out work on establishment and development of a bank of scientific and technical products in area of production and development of new kinds of alcoholic products.

Activities on improvement of work in the field of standardization on enterprises producing alcoholic products were worked out.

Comparative analysis of normative and technical documentation effective in Uzbekistan as well as interstate standards on production of vodka, wines, liqueur-and-vodka products, cognac and champagne was implemented.

These issues are examined on meetings of the Technical Committee of the company with participation of specialists of Agency «Uzstandart», Ministry of Health Protection of the Republic Uzbekistan, and other concerned organizations.

Activities on improvement of work of the Central Degustation Commission were worked out for improvement of quality of output products. Regulation on of implementation of organoleptic assessment of wine-and-vodka products and alcohol submitted for degustation was approved;

In order to produce competitive, export oriented alcoholic products, provision of practical assistance to enterprises in development of modern design of wine-and-vodka of products in the company, «Uzvinsanoat-holding» established the Artistic Council which examines and approves labels onto finished products in accordance with requirements of standards.

Nowadays, wine-producing products are developed in accordance with of normative and technical documentation effective on the territory of Uzbekistan and are certified by local accredited authorities of Agency «Uzstandart».

At the present time, startoff conditionем of effective work with foreign partners is existence of quality management system (QMS) in accordance with international ISO standards for many companies including «Uzsharobsanoat» SC. Introduced ISO management systems on the enterprise are reliable indication that a producer ensures all conditions which guarantee stable output of high quality and safe products.

To do so, «Uzsharobsanoat» SC takes measures to introduce quality management systems on enterprises which conform to international standards. In order to introduce such systems, a phased plan of preparation to development, introduction and of certification of quality systems for each enterprise was elaborated jointly with Agency «Uzstandart».
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