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Central Management

Structure of SC "Uzsharobsanoat"

The main objectives and activities of " Uzsharobsanoat " company are as follows:

- Implementation of a unified technical and technological policy in the wine industry;

- Management and coordination of enterprises on production of edible alcohol, liquor and wine products;

- Providing marketing research of internal and external markets, assisting companies in the development of new products and promote them on external markets;

- Attracting foreign investments to the sector, facilitating the establishment of joint ventures with foreign investment.

Implementation of mentioned activities will allow the company radically change the industry and embark on a path of economic development, as well as serve as a link between the various countries in establishing mutually beneficial economic and trade relations.

Joint-Stock Company "Uzsharobsanoat" is a legal entity established as a public company . Company's authorized capital "Uzsharobsanoat" is formed by transferring to its authorized fund of state shares of enterprises, state-owned property and financial assets. The holding company manages enterprises entered into membership, based on shares of these companies belonging to the holding company.

The Government by its decision of 1994 laid the foundation of the alcohol industry in the country in order to ensure wineries with alcohol. The structure of SC "Uzsharobsanoat" included " Uzspirtprom " stock company ( By Resolution of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 21 from 15.01.04 ), which consist of the following distilleries : JSC " Andizhanspirt ", "Quqonspirt", " Yangiyo'l Biokimyo " and " Bektemirspirt".

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